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"My wife Margaret and I, Geoff, sincerely believe Somersby Indoor Outdoor Spas is fantastic for us. Professional and friendly service is given by them to allow the purchase and installation of an appropriate spa and for its ongoing maintenance.

Indoor Outdoor Spa’s took away and tipped our old spa at a very low cost to us. They took time with us and recommended an ideal size and shaped spa that meets all our needs. Margaret and I thought that getting the old spa out and the new one at our home maybe very difficult however to them it was easy and done at minimal cost to us.

Margaret has a chronic illness which responds very well to the hydrotherapy option that our spa provides and aids her sleep at night.  Margaret believes she is a different person for it.  Her medical specialist has been very impressed.

Margaret and I are very pleased with Somersby Indoor Outdoor Spass and will unreservedly recommend them to you."

-Geoff and Margaret Bates

"We weren't even in the market for a spa, but we started chatting to Michael from Indoor Outdoor Spas at the Terrigal Fair and a few weeks later, had our first spa installed! His expert advice, their extensive range of spas and helpful customer service made the decision easy, and we have no regrets. Our spa has become our oasis to escape to after the kids go to bed, where we just let the day dissolve away."

-Kristen and Gary McNicol

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Spas and swim spas on display at Somersby showroom